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Nino and Adrien had the least luck, both knocked unconscious by the flying rubble. Follow/Fav Miraculous Ladybug High School. Hurt Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug. this is no ordinary high school fic. "Marinette. There was an akuma attack somewhere in the school. . Complete, First published Sep 15, 2019. Kind of like when you're Ladybug! Marinette was Ladybug. True holders have powers and marks. But that sadly wasn't the case. "MARINETTE!" He sounded terrified and desperate and for a horrible, sinking, moment Marinette feared that Hawk Moth had sensed her fury and despair and sent an Akuma after her. !" I complain. It was quite boring, as most school-book poetry tended to be, but the way he read it kept Marinette entranced. :This hero is called:Queen MariposaBackground:Viperion Power . Notes: For kingxuppu. After Marinette and Adrien argues privately for a few minutes, they both get akumatized into "Evincinator", a super . This Fanfic Starts on A Friday- and the sleepover mentioned in chapter 2/3 are on Saturday and the Sunday. "You're going to be late for school! Marinette Dupain-Cheng. "Chat, Chat CHAT! Of course! This was a first. Adrien is not a true holder. Search: Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction Marinette Sexually Assaulted. He finally does, through lidded eyes. Because, Marinette has an awesome sense of design. "Sorry." He mumbled, sounding guilty. >Turns out it was just a lie: the story is Ladybug's; the Miraculous that does everything is hers; the cat is only there to walk alongside. Marinette opened the door to the classroom just moments after class had started. Chapter 1. Chapter Text -The night of the meeting with chat noir-Marinette was extremely worried and overwhelmed and overthinking what if he fights back or even worse outs himself Marinette wanting to avoid anything dangerous to herself and him decided that she would have the kwami tail him after their meeting the meeting was in an hour . Princess Marinette (Lukanette) by AshzTheWolf13. Next to Ladybug, the person she hated the most. Her hair was sticky with blood, and his eyes passed over every contour on her face as if it was the first time he saw her. Sabine had to wrestle her overwhelming mama bear instincts to hunt down whoever made her daughter hurt, but she took a deep breath. And as he read, Marinette followed along. Tikki, my kwami, knew exactly what to say to get me moving. >Make his Miraculous with the same tier as Ladybug to prove you are going all for it. Marinette was dying. I'm sure he got away fine." She looked at him with a weak smile. Her phone buzzed in her back pocket. Everyone Needs A Hug. You're always so confident as Ladybug, but under the mask you're still Marinette." Tikki's right, actually. Her anger crumbled away to confusion and she felt the beginnings of anxiety kick in. Her phone buzzed in her back pocket. She looked down to find a pair of pink capris rather than her tight costume. Marinette didn't know what caused her to move, just that she did. He swallowed hard. "Tikki, spots on." After the light from her transformation fades, Ladybug lifts his head to look at her. Shenanigans insue that lead to eventual identities revealed, feelings becoming ever present, friendships to bloom, lies to come to light, emotions to become overwhelming, and eventually plenty of fluff. I'm sure he's okay and we'll see him at school tomorrow anyway." . "Marinette" he whispered. Angst with a Happy Ending. Because I don't think I can fight this time "Help me gather the Chat Noir and Ladybug Miraculous and I will help you, Final Straw." She barked a laugh, the powers of the akuma steadily coloring her thoughts. Marinette squeaked, face going bright red. One of her most fondly remembered ones was getting them to destroy Marinette's sketchbook after hinting that they . Marinette grimaced, huddling tighter against the bathroom wall. . Marinette. "Still, that doesn't exactly help me, since Adrien can't know I'm Ladybug." Angst with a Happy Ending. I have changed the direction of it and made it about Hawk Moth's true love for himself. You slept through the alarm!" "So?" "Adrien will be there." And I'm up like a shot. "Marinette is just as amazing as Ladybug," he said, pulling himself closer. Marinette was bleeding. It disgusted her. "WATCH OUT!" Marinette didn't even have the chance to look up for the dark little butterfly when Adrien suddenly tackled her to the ground. "Princess!" Adrien cried, hurrying towards Marinette the moment she looked up, his arms going to her waist as he picked her up and spun her about.

A purse rather than a ladybug fanny pack. "I hope so." There was a flash of light and a peal of maniacal laughter in the distance, and a hush fell over the students. The smile melted off Ladybug's face. She released Marinette's hair and rushed over to Adrien, grabbing his arm and pressing herself against his side. That she would get help and after she gets better they will return to their lives and everything will return to the way it was before. Because I don't think I can fight this time "Help me gather the Chat Noir and Ladybug Miraculous and I will help you, Final Straw." She barked a laugh, the powers of the akuma steadily coloring her thoughts. Tikki, please be safe. Miraculous Ladybug; Relationships: Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug & Tikki; Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir & Plagg . So sweet, so kind, so selfless. Marinette stabbed herself. "Adrien?" She coughed "I'm here. Complete. Marinette's bruised, bleeding face. Adrien held a bleeding Marinette in his arms. Marinette, surprisingly, was the first to jump into action snapping me out of my daze as she made her way out of her seat. "This probably hurts" "Shut up." Ladybug hissed, and Chat Noir promptly shut up, not speaking. "You just need more confidence, that's all! ------------------Marinette has lived her life in peace without anyone finding out she's a princess. Marinette was Ladybug. Ladybug knew that she should cleanse the Akuma first but she had to make sure that Chat Noir was alright. Trauma. . Ladybug groaned as she envisioned their next interaction. [Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir x Male OC] [Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction - Disclaimer: I do not own the Miraculous Ladybug franchise or any of its characters "My name is Acelin Bouvier- Lee , but since people get my name mixed up you guys can call me Ace " Marinette gave Nathanael a big smile, putting her hand on the shy artist's arm Jan 27, 2016 . And then Marinette became aware of a car speeding down the road, a car going way too fast to just stop at the traffic lights, a car that would most likely just speed past the traffic light, a car that was heading directly for Chloe. >Still insist that the show should only focus on Marinette.. Fanfic /. Halfway down the page, Marinette started to rub at her nose. Do not be fooled by the first chapter. Now, she has to somehow sneak back into her house without anyone seeing her. "Marinette! However, that changes when Lila creates this lying scheme and manipulate Adrien into believing it. Tikki, please be safe. Everyone Needs A Hug. A perpetual frown lingered on Marinette Dupain-Cheng's face. Marinette mumbled to herself, getting to her feet. Trauma. Crying and praying that she will live. Marinette is scared of what will come, and if her friends would still see her as Marinette instead of Princess . If he'd had a real tail it would've been lashing furiously. After being at odds for so long, Chat Noir and Ladybug have a much needed conversation about why Chat Noir's absence and Ladybug's distance. First published Nov 03, 2018. "Just because Marinette doesn't leap across rooftops and scale buildings for the fun of it doesn't mean she isn't awesome. He could get her to a hospital before it was too late. Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir Needs a Hug. CRASH! The sweet, caring girl from school, the girl with a heart of gold and determination like no other. His breath faltered. They rushed to the school, only to find Marinette sitting downcast, in one of the two chairs across from Principal Damocles, silent and fuming. His breathing was labored. It wasn't Marinette staring back. Don't worry Mari, help is on the way." He reassured her. "Come on guys, we have to get them out of the danger zone," she explained. "I'm coming, Princess!" he yelled into the phone. He could get there faster than any ambulance. "Take care!" Three years later, she finds the earrings from that very book on her desk. For once, she only slept in a few extra minutes, so she wasn't incredibly late as she'd been before. She looked so fragile, as if anyone could break her with a few words. She notices his skin is pale. Her midnight blue hair was frizzy and disheveled, with a pale complexion. Cartoons Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Rated: T, English, Romance & Friendship, Words: 22k+, Favs: 38, Follows: 61, Published: 5/8/2017 Updated: 9/14/2017} 25 Chapter 4 Sorry that I haven't updated this for a couple weeks was suffering from writers block plus started a new job so haven't had much time to write. School, which had once been a thriving place for friendship had turned sour. It should help with the bleeding." Ladybug felt herself bracing her body once again, Chat's hands gently wrapping around her stomach as he wrapped the bandage around her. Two high-school students, Marinette and Adrien, are chosen to become Paris' superheroes: Ladybug and Cat Noir 2) He never gave out the cat miraculous and just worked with ladybug from the start Together, they're a crime-fighting duo who protect Paris against the mysterious villain Hawk Moth and his akuma savefanfiction-11891078- Miraculous . "Oh! Cartoons Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Rated: K+, English, Friendship, Words: 152, Favs: 5, Follows: 5, Published: 9/9/2020 Updated: 11/17/2020} 5. Thank goodness you're here!" Lila cried, snapping out of her surprised state. When she got to him he was bleeding from his mouth, nose and ears. Marinette shied away a bit, and he pouted a bit. With an agreeable smile, Marinette transformed back into Ladybug, instantly noting how the transformation has numbed the pain and made it easier for her to maneuver around. But, if her teacher noticed, it would be straight to the principal's office this time.