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. Northwestern researchers' pain relief device is about 5 millimeters wide and as thin as a sheet of paper, flexible and soft enough to wrap around nerves without causing damage. Chicago . The project involves using 3D endometrial ex vivo models to study the influence of a PCOS ovary in a microfluidic platform. Recent developments in skin-integrated soft microfluidic systems address many challenges associated with standard technologies in sweat collection and analysis.

19 years of excellence 2145 Sheridan Road - Tech Institute A173 Evanston, IL 60208 | 847.467.2318 Exploring Inner Space Danijela Dokic, M.D. 312-503-6303. Search for more papers by this author. Address. However, recording of time-dependent variations in sweat composition requires bulky electronic systems and power sources, thereby constraining form factor, cost, and modes of use. Northwestern University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer of all . "Current microfluidic technology often requires a desktop full of equipment to operate something the size of a quarter," said Northwestern's Adilson Motter, senior author of the study.

The present global pandemic draws attention to the importance of rapid sample-to-answer PoC devices for . I am particularly interested in problems in biology such as the interaction of biological membranes with fluid flow and electric fields. The lab is available to students and faculty in support of their educational project work and is staffed by lab professionals and student lab leaders who are skilled in . Email address. Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Earlier designs measured chloride loss, glucose, lactate and pH levels in sweat. The possibility of coupling such technologies with soft hydrogels and thin, low-modulus microfluidic platforms allows conformal interfaces to the epidermis to facilitate fundamentally differentiated ambulatory modes for biofluid (i.e. 5D highlight the multimodal microfluidic substrate and chrono-sampling features of the system. Northwestern University. While measuring chloride levels in sweat to diagnose cystic fibrosis is standard, the soft, flexible . Lab-on-a-Disc (LoaD) biosensors are increasingly a promising solution for many biosensing applications.

Northwestern University However, optical detection methods limit analyses to fluorescent or UV-active compounds and traditional 2D fluidic designs have limited degrees of freedom. The dual PhD, or co-tutelle de thse, is an ad hoc agreement that allows outstanding students with specific interests and needs to have their PhD dissertation supervised by faculty members from both Northwestern and a French university. Northwestern University - Cited by 101 - Microfluidics - BioMEMS - Electroporation - Intracellular Delivery - Single Cell Analysis . Roozbeh Ghaffari. This work combines fundamental studies with forward-looking engineering efforts in a way that promotes positive feedback between the two. April 2021: Collaborative work between previous group members Jian Zhang, Won-Kyu Lee, and Dongjoon Rhee and Hangzhou Dianzi (University in China), "Spontaneous Formation of Ordered Magnetic Domains by Patterning Stress . Fusce aliquam porta venenatis.

Department of Materials Science. The platform is composed of a microfluidic filtering device and a superhydrophobic surface integrating surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) sensors. 866-LURIE-CC or 312-695-0990. Phone number. Newer platforms also quantify concentrations of heavy metals such as lead and arsenic and urea and creatinine levels, the latter of which relates to kidney health. Her graduate research encompassed single-cell protein analysis based on microfluidics, on-chip electrocatalysis of two-dimensional materials, and single-crystal electrical transport of nanoclusters and Metal-Organic Frameworks. Discover the role of microfluidics and microfluidic technology in analytical chemistry. A multi-layer approach segregates components belonging to two fundamental categories: passive fluidic components (channels and reaction chambers) and active electromechanical control structures (sensors and actuators). In SI units a micro-meter ( m) or micron refers to a millionth of a meter. In this project, we are developing collections of ideas in materials science and device design to create biocompatible classes of microsystems technologies, with uses in biological research and clinical medicine. September 2016. To do this we combine live-cell imaging, microfluidics, and single-cell RNA-Seq to generate a quantitative profile of immune cell behavior. Inspired by his undergraduate research experience, Cesar joined Prof. Horacio Espinosa's laboratory at Northwestern University to pursue a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering. These findings can be used to create built-in control mechanisms, thereby facilitating the development . This article describes a microfluidic device that has three inputs and performs 2592 distinct enzyme reactions using only 150 L of reagent with quantitative characterization. Hunter employed and managed the microfluidic technology, and led the engineering team at NU. S Shiva P Nathamgari PhD, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Northwestern University Verified email at In January 2022, she joined the Stoddart Group at Northwestern University as a Postdoctoral Fellow. In our recent Nature article, we design microfluidic networks whose behavior can be harnessed to create a fluid analogue of Braess's paradox and switch the direction of internal flows solely by manipulating the input and/or output pressures. . Micro uidics is the science of manipulating uids on spatial scales anywhere between one to a hundred micron. . Her graduate research encompassed single-cell protein analysis based on microfluidics, on-chip electrocatalysis of two-dimensional materials, and single-crystal electrical transport of nanoclusters and Metal-Organic Frameworks. If you think you would be a good match with our lab, don't hesitate to contact Prof. Horacio D. Espinosa for more information at Galter Pavilion 675 N. St. Clair, 21st Floor Chicago, IL 60611. The candidate will join a dynamic research team that has pioneered microfluidic technology for the study of reproductive tissues. 2 To put this in perspective, the average width of a human hair is about 80 microns and the diameter of a hydrogen atom is 0:00005 micron. In fiber optics, we developed and commercialized classes of devices that provide tunable operation for chromatic dispersion compensation for high-speed, wavelength-multiplexed lightwave communication systems. Imaging Neurons with Microfluidic Chambers. publisher = "American Association for Clinical Chemistry Inc.", number = "2",} Delaney, SR & Suh-Lailam, BB 2018, ' Microfluidics: The future of testing? But the sheer size of the external equipment required for controlling these quarter-sized devices has limited their use in portable, wearable technologies. In a recent study, the researchers discovered how to pre-program the devices' network . Evanston, IL 60208. Phone number: 847-467-0218. Microfluidic biodisks take advantage of noninertial pumping for lab-on-a-chip devices using noninertial valves and switches under centrifugal and Coriolis forces to distribute fluids about the disks. . As such, I am a student in the Quantitative and Systems Biology master's program. The ability to manipulate and sort droplets is a fundamental issue in droplet-based microfluidics. A little larger than a quarter and about the same thickness, the simple . After working in microfluidics and tissue engineering, I decided to get busier with computers and data. . Now Northwestern University researchers "Microfluidic systems have the power to revolutionize medicine, energy, electronics and even space exploration. We are working hard to serve micro/nano fabrication in research. Address. A Northwestern University research team has developed a first-of-its-kind soft, flexible microfluidic device that easily adheres to the skin and measures the wearer's sweat to show how his or her body is responding to exercise. As featured in The New York Times, Northwestern Engineering's John Rogers has developed a new microfluidic device that analyzes a person's sweat composition to provide real-time feedback on their health and fitness performance. Northwestern Inventor: John Rogers. To induce the cooling effect, the device contains tiny microfluidic . Proin pellentesque mauris non diam viverra tincidunt elementum justo pharetra. However, measuring reaction progression in these small devices is hindered by available readout methods, which typically rely on fluorescent products. . Northwestern Microfluidics Engineering and Maintenance Team Hunter Rogers, M.S. 312-503-6303. Each facility serves specific users and types of work, and can only be accessed after undergoing training and agreeing to comply to user policies. 2 School of Aeronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 127 West Youyi Rd., Xi'an, Shaanxi, China and Queensland Micro- and . in 15th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences 2011, MicroTAS 2011. The device mixes the reactants and allows them to selectively immobilize to the monolayer at the base of a microfluidic channel in a time-dependent manner as they flow down the . His current research focuses on the design and manufacturing of microfluidic devices to nondestructively extract molecules from live cells for analysis. Department of Biomedical Engineering. Machine shops and prototyping labs house equipment for the development of physical and electrical prototypes, with capabilities ranging from wood & hand tools to CNC and 3D-printed components. Now Northwestern University . Adilson E. Motter is the Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Northwestern University. Nondestructive cell membrane permeabilization systems enable the intracellular delivery of exogenous biomolecules for cell engineering tasks as well as the temporal sampling of cytosolic contents from live cells for the analysis of dynamic processes. Northwestern University researchers have discovered how to pre-program microfluidic systems in a way that controls how fluids flow and mix throughout the micropipes. McCormick. One such technology is normalizing and increasing the use s of microfluidic devices. Photo credit: H. Luan, Northwestern University. Morbi semper sollicitudin placerat. Northwestern University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer of all protected classes, including veterans and individuals with disabilities . Theory of Stokes-flow. A Northwestern University research team has developed a first-of-its-kind soft, flexible microfluidic device that easily adheres to the skin and measures the wearer's sweat to show how his or her body is responding to exercise. Examples of such electrokinetic effects include electroosmosis and electrophoresis. Northwestern Undergraduate Research Journal; Items. Collaborative research to study brain tumors using our new super-resolution imaging technoogy received $120k seed fund from Northwestern Innovative Initiatives Incubators (I3) interdisciplinary program. Bio. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science. . I was fortunate to be on this big UH3 project on modeling PCOS in microfluidics with a lot of CRS members like Dr Kim, . Recent work has focused on problems in microfluidics and soft matter theory. Panpan Huang. Credit: Northwestern University "Ice it . As described in detail in Materials and Methods, fabrication of this construct begins with formation of a 2D microfluidic system in PDMS .